Why BRI Institute ?

BRI Institute is the right choice to prepare for a bright future

The BRI Institute does not only offer students with campus facilities that are typically provided by other campuses. We have a superiority in teaching and learning methods. By the time our students graduated, they will gain their knowledges, skills, and competencies not based on what they have learned but based on what they have done. Hence, for sure our graduates will have competencies and skills that are in line with evolving technological trends and industrial needs.

The Facilities

The BRI Institute as a newly established higher education institution provide facilities for their faculty-members, academic staff and students to create a healthy study and working environment for their educational achievement and career development.

The Academic Atmosphere

Campus environment that creates a conducive academic atmosphere supported by modern facilities.

The Teaching and Learning Methods

A four years courses are created in a blended learning model, combining between traditional classroom on-campus and on-side learning off-campus with a real working environment. The off-campus learning will be at the divisions within the Bank BRI and sister companies within BRI-incorporated. In this kind of setting, students will do a field-work at one out of more than fifty division and more than thirty sister companies for between four to six months. Therefore, at the time that students graduated, they will have the ability not based on what they have learned but based on what they have done.

The Strategic Location

BRI Institute is located in the south of Jakarta, the district called Ragunan, which is surrounded by green areas, that creates a nice and comfortable campus atmosphere for study

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