The Uniqueness

The Bank BRI having proven successful as a bank that focuses on microfinance and micro-industry funding. Combining that strength and success story with an advanced education system, BRI Institute comes with a curriculum and teaching methods that is very adaptive to technological developments and their impact on the industry. This is one of the uniqueness of the BRI Institute. Therefore, the courses at the BRI institute (also known as the Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis BRI) are mostly focus on computer and information technology with majoring in microfinance and other related finance disciplines. Currently the BRI Institute has 6 (six) fields of study, namely: Systems and Information Technology (majoring in Microfinance), Information Systems (majoring in Digital Banking), Information Technology (majoring in Sharia Digital Banking), Informatics (majoring in Insurance Technology), Digital Business Technology (majoring in Business and Banking Finance) and Entrepreneurship (majoring in Technopreneur).

Another Uniqueness at the BRI Institute is all the teaching and learning processes, including research activities are fully supported by the BRI incorporated. The core curricula in the four years of study is arranged into two main parts, first the teaching and learning process is in a classroom with subjects that are mostly on computer science, computer technology, communication technology and information systems, as well as on the knowledge that are related to majors as the focus of each field of study. Whereas, in the second part is a teaching and learning that carried out in the divisions within the Bank BRI and sister companies within BRI-incorporated, or in short usually it called a field-work or internships. The division and/or company selected is in accordance with the profile of graduates that students want to be. With this approach, graduates will have the ability not based on what they have learned but based on what they have done. So that it can be ascertained that graduates will have competencies and skills that are in line with evolving technological trends

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