Digital Business Technology Field of Study

(Majoring in Digital Business and Banking Technology)

Digital Business Technology Field of Study

Digital technology is part of an important role in winning market competition. In addition, digitalization has occurred at all stages of the business process, from understanding customers, translating customer needs to shipping and payment processes. In line with this development, the Digital Business Technology Field of Study has characteristics in the fields of business and banking finance

Vision and Mission
Digital Business Technology Field of Study



Become a leading Field of Study in Business and Banking Finance that produces quality, competent, competitive graduates who are responsive to the development of science and technology and have an entrepreneurial spirit in the field of technology and are able to compete at the National and International level



  • Carrying out educational activities and teaching of digital business science and technology by always following the latest developments.
  • Having graduates who excel in technology-based Business and Financial Banking.
  • Creating an academic atmosphere (academic atmosphere) that is conducive to the academic community, and providing Technopreneurship insights in order to produce independent graduates.
  • Developing the science of digital business technology by fostering ongoing relationships with alumni, graduate users, and the general public.

Graduate Profile
Digital Business Technology Field of Study

Digital Business Technology Field of Study is able to face challenges and technological changes in the digital era 4.0  and is ready to work, and can create business in the digital world in the fields of digital start up, market place, big data, developer design, network to artificial intelligence .

Software Engineer

Mobile Developer

Computer Network Arsitektur

Digital Media Specialist

Blockchain Engineer

Digital Business Analyst

Core Courses
Digital Business Technology Field of Study

Decision Support System

This course discusses knowledge-based information systems and decision makers whose basic concepts are about probability, fuzzy logic and decision making algorithms.

Web Programming

This course learns the basic knowledge of web technology and the steps of website development from the stages of analysis, GUI design and implementation with trand technology and being able to develop it.


This course provides an understanding of the basic concepts of digital media components including color design, text size, text color, basic color and static and dynamic images.

Information Retrieval

This course studies the basic concepts of procedures and methods for recovering information stored from various sources.

Data Mining

This course discusses data mining. The focus will be on introducing the basic concepts of data mining, the process of data mining, evaluation and validation of data mining, the application of methods and algorithms relevant to the solution of problems

Computer Network

This course discusses computer networks that are connected to each other in sharing data and basic concepts about LAN, MAN, WAN, network topology, and computer network protocols.

UI/UX Design

This course studies basic conceptual knowledge about how to design or design an application interface so that users feel comfortable

Artificial Intelligent

This course discusses the basic concepts of artificial intelligence which include intelligent agents, uninformed and uninformed search strategies, propositional logic, fuzzy ligic and genetic algorithms.

Consumer Behaviour

This course studies the basic concepts of a person’s processes and activities in the relationship of searching, selecting, purchasing and using and evaluating products and services to meet needs.