Thursday, December 5, 2019 BRI Institute Chancellor requested a memorandum of understanding or MoU with the CEO of PT. Nadira Investasikita Bersama or better known as Investasikita, a Fintech Startup in the field of capital markets.

BRI Institute as “the 1st Fintech University in Indonesia” continues to collaborate with Fintech players in various fields, such as the implementation of higher education tridharma namely, Teaching, research and Community Service. Industry is one of the shareholders who provide input to companies about the profile requested about what is needed in the fintech industry, and the results of this input will be translated into a curriculum that is very relevant to the needs of the fintech industry.

The BRI Institute flagship apprenticeship program, known as 3 + 1, was also the core of the discussion at the meeting, CEO of Investasikita was very open with the apprenticeship program to be held by BRI Institute, the ± 1 year internship was able to provide work experience in the fintech industry. It is expected that students have experience not only of what is learned in class but also what is done in the industry.